About Cambio

Backed by the strength of its parent company, Cambio Healthcare Systems AB, Cambio Software Engineering is at the forefront of designing and developing cutting-edge healthcare solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. Cambio’s e-health solutions support healthcare professionals in their daily work and offer patients safer and more accessible care. Operating in Sri Lanka over the past 15 plus years, Cambio currently has around 300 plus employees in the island, leveraging the country’s skilled software professionals and development expertise.

Our Mission

At Cambio Software Engineering, We want to make a difference in healthcare and society at large. we constantly raise the bar considering tomorrow’s challenges and utilize the very latest technology to equip our customers with the very best in healthcare. We are transforming the way healthcare is delivered, and working towards delivering tomorrow’s healthcare today.

Our Values

The three values at Cambio: Trust, Care and Together.

Our Customers

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Cambio is the e-healthcare market leader in the Nordic regions, delivering comprehensive IT solutions to healthcare providers in Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

In Sri Lanka, however, we consider our employees as the strength behind our success. leveraging the capabilities and proven expertise of local software professionals, Cambio established operations in Sri Lanka as an important step in its journey to provide the best-in-class e-healthcare solutions to the world. This commitment to excellence continues to-date, backed by our 300-strong employee cadre in the island.


Cambio Healthcare Systems AB was founded in 1993 by two Linköping students who were commissioned to design a digital medical record system for a private medical clinic. The success of this system soon ensured several new clients, as well as 10 employees at the newly formed company.

In 1998, Cambio attained its first hospital customer, Ersta Hospital in Stockholm, and at the turn of the millennium, its first county council customer, Huddinge Hospital. In the following years, Cambio was named “Gazella Company of the Year” for four consecutive years.

As the company grew, Cambio became the preferred partner for both municipal and regional activities, as well as supporting private care providers with operational support, medical record systems and system with specific cutting-edge functions such as clinical decision support, intensive care system and vaccination systems.

Today, Cambio has agreements with 17 of 21 regions and around 40 municipalities in Sweden, as well as several international customers. Headquartered in Sweden, it operates through 700 employees globally from offices in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and now Sri Lanka.

The two founders of Cambio are still involved in the company’s operations.